Her and I,

Different in our approach

To this unconscious sea-life.

Pick pick pick.

Never mind that they have feelings

I want her to stop picking

At the thin pink sea-cucumbers.

But she wont.

Submersion occurs,

And we travel the sea bed..

Looking at the white castle In the cave there.

Eye to eye with bull rays,

And the other marine life.

The house is empty

We cannot see,

But for the flash of a camera

Lighting up every third step.

But for some dark windows,

Out of which slowly creep nightmares.

Which my own face do affect

Into numbness and fear

For am I not possessed?

My head wrapped the whole way round

Blue of sea no longer

Choking cold and lonely,

My eyes roll,

This isn’t real.

I choose possession or schizophrenia

In some grasp for explanation.

I am released upon the sight of

Pink ink, seeping from the panes

Of the surrounding windows.

Us-whoever we are, make our way home

I am treated as if intoxicated. Not allowed to walk myself.

In the leaving of that dream-place

I pass a cherry tree in a lamp

Which no-one cares to note

As an interesting

Underwater phenomenon.


2 Responses to “Underwater Phenomenon (part two)”

  1. 1 gillian August 9, 2008 at 5:37 am

    “which no-one cares to note?”
    I like this, but also think I’d like to see how the two work together in succession. These are my initial thoughts. Like the surrealism and the symbolism o of the underwater world.

  2. 2 caitos September 6, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    i remember you telling me that i was the nature disturber in this.
    I would like you to note that i never laid a finger on the sea cucumber.
    I am no beast.
    Is this a metaphor? I feel like i should go pat something tranquilly now.. or rather.. not

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